Game Integrity & Security

At New Wave Poker, We're Riding the Wave of Secure, Fair Play

Welcome to New Wave Poker - where the thrill of the game meets the highest standards of integrity and security. Just like the fresh tides of a new wave, we're bringing an innovative, fun, and utterly fair poker experience to you.

Our Commitment: Keeping the Fun, Ensuring the Fair

Why Integrity Matters to Us
In the world of online poker, integrity isn't just a word; it's the foundation of trust and enjoyment. We understand the game's history, the challenges it has faced, and why you, as a player, might be wary. That's why at New Wave Poker, safeguarding the integrity of our games isn't just a priority; it's a passion.

Team-Up with the Best:

To ensure our games remain fair and clean, we've partnered with the experts at With over a decade of experience and a team comprising former poker professionals, data scientists, and integrity experts, they're the wizards behind our curtain, working tirelessly to keep the gameplay honest and enjoyable.

Our Proactive Approach

Prevention and Detection
Our game integrity team, powered by, is always on the lookout. They actively monitor games, analyze gameplay data, and profile player behavior to detect any unfair practices like chip dumping, collusion, or the use of prohibited AI software. Their mission? To ensure every hand you play is in a secure and fair environment.

Refunding Victims, Sanctioning Violators
We take any unethical behavior seriously. If foul play is detected, we act swiftly to sanction the violators and ensure that any affected players are compensated. Your trust in our platform is paramount, and we work hard to maintain it.

Our Founders: A Legacy of Passion and Expertise

Our founding team isn't just made up of poker enthusiasts; they're veterans with over 12 years each of experience in the poker world. Their deep understanding of the game and dedication to player satisfaction are at the core of New Wave Poker's ethos.

A Constant Learning Journey

Combining's proprietary software with our in-house tools, which have been refined over a decade, we're always learning, adapting, and enhancing our strategies. This constant evolution in our approach means we're always a step ahead, ensuring that cheaters, colluders, and bots don't stand a chance.

Your Voice Matters

At New Wave Poker, we don't just talk the talk; we listen. We actively seek and value your feedback, creating a loop that continuously improves our games and features. Your insights help us stay ahead, ensuring our security measures evolve as the game does.

We welcome any questions, feedback or reports of suspicious gameplay. Feel free to reach out to us at any time. Let's keep the game fun, fair, and secure – together!