🌊🃏Bad Beat Jackpot🃏💥

Ride the crest of excitement with New Wave Poker's "Bad Beat Jackpot" – where even your near-wins can transform into mega fortunes! 🌊🃏💥

Here’s the deal:

• For the thrill-seekers at NLH & FLH Mid and High Stakes tables, the magic begins with AAAJJ.
• PLO3 aficionados? Lose with JJJJ2 to trigger jackpot.
• PLO4 players, watch out for KKKK2 to hit it big.
• And for the PLO5 enthusiasts, a suited 45678 could be your golden wave.
Lose with the above hands and grab a colossal 35%, the winner nabs a nifty 18%, and the table shares a sweet 17%.

And remember, to snatch up the Bad Beat Jackpot, you’ve got to play it smart – use two of your pocket cards. If fate deals a bad beat to more than one player, it’s split fair and square.

So, ready to make a splash? Jump in and let the waves of fortune carry you to new heights, where every bad beat could be your biggest win yet, only at New Wave Poker. 🌟🌊💰

Join the rebellion against the poker norm. Ride the New Wave. Your seat at the table is waiting...

Terms and Conditions

  • The Bad Beat Jackpot applies to select tables only, look out for the Bad Beat Jackpot icon in the poker lobby.
  • 2 Hands must go to showdown to qualify.
  • 3 By taking part in this promotion, you hereby agree to these Specific Promotional Terms and Conditions and to our General Terms and Conditions.
  • 4 Players must be ages 18 to be eligible for the bonus or creating a New Wave Poker account.
  • 5 In the case of any suspicious, abusive, inappropriate, or fraudulent game play/behaviour, we reserve the right to exclude players from this promotion.
  • 6 We reserve the right to alter, discontinue, or terminate the promotion at any time.